Urban Dictionary

Holy pajamas, people! I’ve developedĀ a new obsession. Have you ever read an urban dictionary? I’ve started using several, as well as an urban thesaurus. Hi-lar-i-ous! Sometimes gross, but usually hilarious. It reminds me of Sniglets, the old HBO series from my childhood. What? You’re too young for that? Thanks for reminding me I’m not 17.

Any-hoo…I have come across some clever word-combos. For example, my word of the week is: askhole. An askhole is someone who continuously asks annoying questions. Much like a toddler. While I’ll not recommend you call your small child an askhole, I bet someone in your life fits the definition. I’m an educator and a mother. Wanna guess how many askholes I know?!

Work askhole into my new novel? Challenge accepted!

Can’t wait to discover some more gems.

FYI, this is how I discovered the word ‘twatwaffle.’ I totally used it in my first novel, Working On It.