Second Verse, Harder Than the First

Writing my first novel was an amazing experience. I never considered myself to be “a writer,” but I had this story in my mind for a few years. After a big move (from the South to the Midwest for my husband’s job), I had some time on my hands. So I decided to put the story down on paper.

I wrote here and there, and never consistently–just when I had the time in my day away from my kids. Because the story was already in my brain, it was a matter of getting it out. Getting 3,000-5,000 words out at a time was easy. And before I knew it, I had written over 80,000 words and had a completed story. And it was funny. Granted, I laugh at my own jokes, so maybe I’m biased; but the few readers that have reached out to me have told me it was funny. And what a compliment that is for me.

I really liked the characters, so I started a second novel, based on my main character’s roommate. “Write another,” they said. “It will be funny, too,” they said. Yeah, well they’re a bunch of f-ing liars. This s*&! is hard!

I thought the second story line would pour out of my mind as easily as the first. How naive of me. I guess I forgot that I had given years of thought into the first before I wrote it. I’ve gotten 20,000+ words down. And now I’m stuck. Is this what they call writer’s block? I don’t think so. The issue is that I have too many ways to take it and I feel pressured to pick the “best” path. I can’t seem to get away from thinking about what I would say and do as opposed to what the characters would say and do.

Oh, and to make matters worse, I now have become fixated on a fantasy story playing in my head about three sisters living in a parallel universe. Where the hell did that come from? I started making notes and character names with back stories. All of which distract me from that second novel I’m a third of the way through writing. Writer ADD? Can we call it WADD? Is that a thing? If not, I’d like to take credit for coining the term.


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