What’s in a Name?


Before I published my first book (yeah, yeah, and only book to date), my husband and I went round and round over the author name that should appear on the cover. We debated the merits of using a pen name vs. my real name. In the end, we decided this first go at romance writing would require a pen name. We didn’t want our kids’ friends or their parents making any sort of comment to our kids about it. Also, I’ve been in public education for a decade. Can you imagine what would happen if it was well-known that I write naughty things in books?

With great care–okay, with some brief Google research–I set out to find the perfect pen name. I quickly found it doesn’t exist. So I went with something I found pleasing to the ear, slapped it on my book, and published it. And now I think I have to alter it.

I have set up this blog, my Twitter, email, and a Facebook account with this pen name. Without really knowing what I was doing, I quickly earned 400 followers on Twitter. I think that’s pretty good considering that I had never used it before and relied solely on Twitter interactions and Amazon for helping me find followers. I didn’t even know how to utilize hashtags to get my Tweets in front of people. I can hear some of you laughing at that number, but don’t feel bad, I can take it. I can handle any ridicule because my real name Twitter account has 14 followers. 14! I blame the people I know for the low number because so few of them are on Twitter. I could get more if I wanted. I could. My family thinks this is hilarious, by the way.

Anyway, back to fake me. I was doing some publishing research and I came across an author with a name very similar to my pen name. She has multiple books with an actual publisher. So she wins. I doubt I have it in my heart to destroy the Cass Alexander I’ve come to know and love (she is me, after all). I suppose I could leave my Twitter handle as @cassalexan as long as my printed name is some form of that. I was thinking C. Alexander. Or C.C. Alexander. I don’t want to do this, but I’m pretty sure if I want to be successful, I can’t be mistaken for someone else. Or I could sell 1 million copies, tell the world to fuck off, and use my real name. Hmm. I like that option better. Let’s make it happen, people! Bwahahaaa! <—Evil laugh


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