Working For It

girl-lying-down-working-for-it-cover-small      you-are-pregnant-joke

It’s over. I did it. The second book is finished. And I had to really work for it this time (that’s what she said). But seriously, I did. And yes, people, that was a totally obvious play on the title of the book. Geesh. Give me some cred.

To piggy back off of my post from two months ago, Second Verse, Harder Than the First, I hit wall after wall with this book. This character was awesome. She was smart and funny and I had to have her end up with the main dude. But I kind of wanted her to tell everyone to piss off and go live a life in Europe…or get kidnapped by some handsome sheikh and become his willing sex slave. But that’s probably best left for a different book and genre.

And then I had to tell myself that I am not in the book and that Jen Dixon is not Cass Alexander. Once I got over myself and put myself back into Jen’s shoes–and her giant-ass bra (which means a bra for big boobies, not a bra for your huge ass, Deborah)–I was able to get back on track. Kind of.

This was the second book set on the Persimmon College campus. The first book (Working On It) was over 83,000 words long. I spent some time explaining the setting and characters. It took up space. I also really liked the heroine, Rebecca, who is kinda sorta modeled after myself. And I love talking about myself (duh).

But then I moved onto Jen, and I didn’t want to re-explain the dynamic of Persimmon. I already did that once. Also, I realized that 83,000 words is a shit ton of words. Seriously. I mean, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is only 46,000 words. And I don’t think Of Mice and Men  is more than 30,000 words in length. And it was fantastic despite the fact that it messed with my head.

Now, don’t go thinking I am comparing my naughty little comedy to literature giants. Because this girl knows better. But I had to accept the fact that a romance novel, even one that may go into hard print (is that an expression? hard print?), does not have to be 80,000 words long. Sometimes succinct storytelling is better. So that’s what I did.

Also, I may or may not have wrapped that shit up because I had an idea for a fantasy novel that I really wanted to start. So I did. Boom.

p.s. I’ll be dropping it like it’s hot on 2/23/17 (the book, Deborah–get your act together). You can find Pre-Order links for Working For It on the My Works Page link below


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