All 4 Love


On September 23, 2016, I put myself out there for the world to judge. I published a book-a romance book, no less. Okay, okay, yes I used a pen name and not my real name. But I can assure you that Cass Alexander would be just as vulnerable as I am. But this post isn’t about me. It’s about falling in love with the authors I’ve met along the way.

Clicking that Publish button was easy. And exhilarating. I could have written complete garbage, but still had it published. What I hadn’t realized was that by clicking that button, I had joined an incredible group known as Indie Authors.

Nobody told me that there was a automatic support group, ready to go, to welcome me on board the writing ship. I started researching what steps I needed to take in order to be a successful author. I made a Facebook page and joined Twitter. I learned about hashtags. And then I joined Goodreads.

I found myself in a thread (after having Googled what that was–yes, I know, I am not as smart as I thought I was) in a group for Romance Writers and Readers. I believe it was called, “Say Hello, Pretty Please.” So I did. And I received immediate welcome messages and pretend plates of cookies. Even a few glasses of wine and champagne–I can’t really remember since they gave me so much (hee-hee).

But what I really received was the gift of support and advice and knowing of what it was like to put yourself out there. It didn’t matter what I wrote. They were happy for me, that I had done something that so few do. And they cheered! This was especially important for me. Using a pen name limited my ability to share my excitement with people I know.

I feel like I’m a part of something special. I am blown away by how supportive independent authors are to one another, even ones I have met outside my Goodreads threads. And I love it. Seriously. I fall in love with them more every day.

And now I get to try something new with them. The Romance Writers & Readers that I met on Goodreads have banded together to do something amazing for their readers. The group will offer their books for free or discounted prices on February 11 and 12 of 2017.

You can check out the event here. The website also has some Book Features and Spotlights that may interest readers, along with Resources for writers. It’s pretty damn impressive.

If you are considering publishing, do it! You will be welcomed to the community with open arms. You will have opportunities to share and ask questions and possibly even participate in future events such as the one next weekend. And I will be waiting for you with a glass of champagne in hand (not for you, Deborah! That’s my champagne. Geez, you act like you don’t even know me).


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