Maketh Mistaketh


I’ve always thought that everything is a learning experience. And, I gotta tell ya, I’m learning an awful lot right now. Maybe it’s from all the mistakes and second-guessing I’ve been doing, but learnin’ is learnin’, right?

The second book in The Persimmon Series released today. I finished it about a month ago, put it on Amazon, and tried the whole pre-order thing. Yes, I did some research, but not until very recently. And here’s what I learned: I don’t know what in the hell I’m doing.  And my timing sucks. And I should have done my homework. Shut up, Deborah. I know I should have been a better student.

I went into KDP Select to streamline things. And, yes, it’s easier maintaining only one outlet. But I didn’t know that I should promo or do a freebie for the first book 30-90 days ahead of the release of the second book in order to give readers time to finish the first book, write reviews, and think about buying the second. Oh, and I need to get a launch team (what the hell is that??) to read the book before it’s released so I have ready-to-go reviews and ratings the day of. It sounds totally logical, right? But I didn’t know because, apparently, I’m a dumbass. But now I know!

How does that help me now? Well, I’m working on a fantasy trilogy. I will not release it until I have it completed. I will ask people to read it before I release it (bloggers, romance websites, the general public, my mom, anyone willing, anyone I can pressure into helping me, people I blackmail, etc.). I will strategically release. I will give enough time for book 1 to be read and to get some more reviews. Then I will make it free as a promo for book 2 at least a month ahead of book 2’s release. Then I’ll do the same for book 3. And if it works? Well, I’m a goddamned genius. If it doesn’t? I guess I should have done more homework. I hope this helps someone else.

On a side note, I really like the quote in the picture above. It’s from the main character, Jen. She’s pretty awesome. That’s the book I released today. Click here to take a look at it. Oh, and I am going to leave the first book, Working On It, at 99 cents for a bit. I read that I should do that. I’ll pretty much do anything I read because everything you read online is true. Right, Deborah?


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