Sexy Covers for Lovers

I’m in the midst of writing a 3rd book for my Persimmon Series. I’ve also recently finished a first draft of a fantasy novel. None of which have covers. I’m curious, as an author who cannot afford to pay for a professional cover at this point in time, how other authors go about creating their covers.

I really like the covers I made for Working On It and Working For It. They kind of match, as in similar coloring, matching fonts, etc. And they’re uber sexy, if I don’t say so myself. See below.

But most of what I see out there now have half-naked men. Or half-naked men with women. Which I totally dig. I just want to know if romance readers prefer the dudes. I’m guessing the answer is YES. But, as a reader, I also like the sexy ladies on the cover. No, Deborah, I’m not bi-curious. I just like pretty things.

If you’re so inclined, leave me a comment or take part in my poll so I have some actual data to confirm my suspicions. Yeah, yeah, I know this isn’t great science. But I’m an author, not a physicist. So suck it, Deborah. Also, I’m going to attempt to embed the tweet I made on Twitter. Don’t judge. If it doesn’t work, you can click here to see my tweet on Twitter. I can’t stop saying tweet on Twitter! And why isn’t tweet capitalized???

#Giveaway Blast

cass alexander banner.png

Salutations, Universe! I was going to say Hello World, but that’s a programming joke and I have a strict policy against mixing romance giveaways with programming jokes. Okay, okay, it’s not a policy per se–more like a guideline. Anyway, you look good today, Universe. Been working out? Let me reward you.

Today’s post will be short and sweet, much like that last date you had. The lovely Dii from Tome Tender Book Blog is doing me a solid by hosting a giveaway. Five lucky winners will receive a free copy of Working On It, the book Dii called, “Flat out, best romantic comedy and definitely BEST hysterically funny heroine EVER!” It’s true. She wrote it. You can read it here.

If you’re interested in taking a shot at a free copy, click the link below and enter this bad boy. Best of luck to ya!

Cass Alexander’s WORKING ON IT #Giveaway Blast
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p.s. If you read Working On It and like it, will you kindly leave a review? Much obliged!

#FREE Another Book


Hey, y’all! Working For It is free all day today (3/11). Yeah, yeah, it’s Book 2 in The Persimmon Series. But I wrote it so it could be read as a standalone. Because I’m nice like that. You’re welcome. Check it out here.

The blurb is in the image above. Also, in the image, is the super-sexy cover. That’s a picture my husband took of me. Do you believe it? You shouldn’t. I may be nice, but I’m also a liar. Do you believe it? 🙂

If you download, read, and like the book, would you please be so kind as to give it a rating? Much obliged!