Book 3, Y’all!


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Happy Friday, Universe! I am free of the Amazon KDP Select machine and this girl’s going wide … with distribution. That sounded so dirty. On purpose. You’re welcome, Deborah.

I did utilize the last of my free days in Select and garnered 700+ downloads. That’s the most I’ve ever gotten on a promo, so I think it had a positive effect. But now that Book 3 of The Persimmon Series, Working With It, is coming out, I’ve uploaded each book to Smashwords.

Don’t know about Smashwords? You should, if you read or write books. You can download publications in virtually any format. And, unlike Amazon, you don’t have to pay to download your own book. Yes, you heard me correctly. Want a mobi file for reviews? Free. An epub? Free. It’s pretty freakin’ amazing. Oh, and they’ll distribute to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Sony, etc. for you. For free. Yes, everyone still gets their cut when your book is purchased, but the hassle of uploading to a dozen places is gone. And I call that a victory. I also call drinking three bottles of wine without puking a victory, so take it as you will.

Any-hoo. Book 3 is coming out June 22nd and I’m excited. I actually hired someone to do a Cover Reveal, Pre-Order stuff, and a Tour or some shit–I really get confused with all these terms: tour, blitz, blast, explosion … okay, okay, that last one isn’t a thing. But shouldn’t it be? I want my books to explode. All over your face. Kidding! That’s your husband’s job, Deborah. Too far? Sorry, I’ve been drinking. Okay, okay, I haven’t been drinking. I’m just not a very good person.

Moving on–the lovely Tami at Magic of Books Promotions is running the show. I haven’t had to do jack aside from send her my stuff. Worth. Every. Penny. Don’t ask how much I spent. I didn’t write it down. More than $100, but I think not much more because I’m stingy like that. Oh, and she’s secured some ARC readers. I can NEVER get those! Well, I do if you count my mom. But I don’t really like her reading my sex scenes. Yuck.

I just wish I had a wide distribution in place prior to starting down this path. The only drawback is that some sites won’t set up the pre-order without a book cover. So if you do a reveal, you might be limited on links for purchase. But I risked it due to the fact that Amazon is King of the Hill right now. They allowed it. Already, I have more pre-orders than my last book, which had zero promotion outside of my tweets, blog, and Facebook page.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, Universe (that’d be y’all I’m addressing). If any authors are interested in how this goes, I’ll try to pay better attention and write some quantitative analysis posts. Shit, I couldn’t even say that with a straight face. But seriously, if this launch goes better than my other two–which didn’t really have launches–I’ll share whatever tricks and tips I have. And be sure to check out Tami at MoB Promos. She’s a dream.

Oh, and one last thing. Books 1 & 2 are 99 cents thru the release of Book 3.


Exiting Kindle Select

Free May 2017

With the expiration date coming this month, I’ve decided to exit my Kindle Select option and go for a wider distribution. I haven’t used all my promo options with Select, so I am using the last four free days in an attempt to drum up interest before Book 3’s release in June.

Does this sort of thing work? I don’t know. I have used one free day via Select and I had close to 500 downloads–which is better than I’ve ever done. But free = $0. I don’t write to pay the bills, so for now I’m okay with that. I just want people to read the books and get some laughter out of the them. Today we’re going of the two-fer in honor of Book 3’s release and as an adios to Select. Only time will tell if this strategy worked. And I got some time, so why not?

Happy reading, y’all!

Cover Up

Due to my little health scare, I’ve had some time on my hands while recuperating. Idle time has never been a good thing for me, but it did provide me with a level of excruciatingly painful boredom that forced me to do some things I really didn’t want to do. Mainly, research.

Being a self-published author is great. So many of the industry barriers are removed. All you need is a file and Internet access. With the click of a button, voila! You are published. Doesn’t mean shit in terms of sales, but you wrote that sucker for self-fulfillment, right? Wrong, Deborah!

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