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Due to my little health scare, I’ve had some time on my hands while recuperating. Idle time has never been a good thing for me, but it did provide me with a level of excruciatingly painful boredom that forced me to do some things I really didn’t want to do. Mainly, research.

Being a self-published author is great. So many of the industry barriers are removed. All you need is a file and Internet access. With the click of a button, voila! You are published. Doesn’t mean shit in terms of sales, but you wrote that sucker for self-fulfillment, right? Wrong, Deborah!

Since I was such a noob to the self-publishing world when started down this path, I did what many authors do and made my own covers to save some money. There are lots of websites out there that will help you (such as You can get access to stock photos for super cheap and they have templates. Hell, even the vendors that sell your book have templates and generic images for you to utilize.

I thought my covers conveyed a sense of fun and flirtatiousness. I used the same fonts and color themes. I thought I’d followed the ‘rules.’ To me, they were sexy little numbers that matched what was happening in the stories they represented. During this devil time–I mean, idle time–I devoted hours to looking at top-sellers’ covers. I read articles. I ran a poll on Twitter. I asked friends.

Know what I found out? Readers DO judge a book by it’s cover. And romance readers? They want sexy male bodies to look at. Neither of mine had sexy male bodies. They had female bodies. No, Deborah, I’m not into that, so stop asking me to make out with you. Geesh.

So I did some more freakin’ research. I found a coupon for Fiverr. Ever been on Fiverr? It’s amazing. You can get people to bid on jobs for you. You can find professionals that can make quality covers some as low as $10-$15. I ended up spending $105 for three covers, which, is a bargain. And they’re way sexier than before. Wanna see? Look below. Older covers are on the left, new ones on the right.

sexy-woman-working-on-it-cover      vs.     Caworleyauthor_1

girl-lying-down-working-for-it-cover-small     vs.      Caworleyauthor_2

I uploaded the new covers this week. I don’t know how they’ll affect sales, but if I see a big change, I’ll write about it. I will use some of my Kindle Select free days and see if it helps to generate some interest. The third book releases in June. I hope the covers help it do better than the second book’s release. I sort of just threw it out there and hoped for the best. Because I don’t know what in the hell I’m doing. I just want to write funny and sexy books. Not read the self-publish handbook (no, that’s not a real thing, so don’t Google it). I’m on information overload. Time for a nap. Damnit, Deborah! You are not getting in this bed again!


6 thoughts on “Cover Up

  1. Great blog – very interesting to see if it gains extra sales for you too!

    This seems to be a cross-genre thing. It seems like there is some kind of unwritten rule when it comes to covers, and I suppose it does make sense. People like familiarity, and at a quick glance when browsing through to book store you probably naturally gravitate to something which tells you what you are getting straight off the bat.

    It’s a bit of a shame really; covers could be a lot more adventurous or artful in their designs (not that cover designers don’t do a great job, of course), but not many people want to risk it – and understandably too.

    You’ve got a great design on both covers – very clean to read and eye-catching too. I hope it gives the desired outcome!

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    • Thanks, but I can’t take credit for the covers. I found a Fiverr coupon, which helped sway me to try this little experiment. I endeavor to never judge by the cover. When I purchase, I usually read the “Look Inside” option to get a feel for the book. I love it when at least two or three chapters are available. That’s how I decide. But I’m a school teacher who teaches every student to never judge anything by it’s “cover.” I suppose when we’re inundated with choices, we go with the familiar. Once I get through the release and have some data, I’ll post it. Thanks for the comment!

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      • Definitely worth the experiment, especially if you pull in a few more readers!

        I try to do that, I really do – and most of the time I succeed, but if a cover is really bad (as in completely unprofessional) it totally throws me off. The look inside feature is great, made a few purchases myself off the back of it.

        You sound like a great teacher by the way, it’s certainly something I want to instil into my son as he grows up.

        Good luck, and I look forward to seeing how it works out!


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