Momma Needs a Drink

Cass Lake Pic

Good evening, Universe. You look good tonight. Real good. Kind of like the selfie I took on the boat earlier–yeah, yeah, that sounded like I love myself a little too much. And you know what? I do. But I especially love that the camera lies. Who knew that camera angles could change your entire body? Not this girl. I don’t take selfies…often. But it was National Selfie Day (Twitter said so, so it must be true) and I felt obligated to participate.

Also, I needed to get out of my head for a while and stop obsessing about tomorrow’s book release. Working With It goes live June 22nd and I’m nervous. I had zero expectations for my first two books’ releases. I kind of threw them against the wall to see if they stuck. They became a series of trial and errors in terms of marketing. That part of the writing process sucks donkey balls. Big ones.

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