Momma Needs a Drink

Cass Lake Pic

Good evening, Universe. You look good tonight. Real good. Kind of like the selfie I took on the boat earlier–yeah, yeah, that sounded like I love myself a little too much. And you know what? I do. But I especially love that the camera lies. Who knew that camera angles could change your entire body? Not this girl. I don’t take selfies…often. But it was National Selfie Day (Twitter said so, so it must be true) and I felt obligated to participate.

Also, I needed to get out of my head for a while and stop obsessing about tomorrow’s book release. Working With It goes live June 22nd and I’m nervous. I had zero expectations for my first two books’ releases. I kind of threw them against the wall to see if they stuck. They became a series of trial and errors in terms of marketing. That part of the writing process sucks donkey balls. Big ones.

This time, I have help–as noted in a prior post. I already have four times as many preorders as Book 2 had. Book 1 doesn’t count because I didn’t do anything for it. Literally, nothing prior to release. I hit Save on my Word doc, then uploaded, which I do not recommend.  Also, I have some reviews for Book 3. So far, all have been five-star reviews. Let’s keep that trend going, Universe.

Anyway, I have been anxious and excited and trying to reign it all in. That’s why I’m sitting here at the lake house drinking wine. Momma needs a freakin’ drink. She also needs to stop obsessing over this book release. I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations. But I get a little out of control when bloggers reach out to me and tell my how funny my book is. I tried–on purpose–to make that shit funny. Momma needs validation. Gimme!

Momma also needs to know how to get college students, or those close to that age, to read these books. There are some real-life situations in them–straight from my college experience. I picked some truly amazing moments to help spread the laughter around. I know not everyone is into romantic comedies and they want the Christian Grey experience. That’s not me, at the moment. I bring the funny. I bring it hard. Most of us need some funny. Trust me on this.

Since the wine is for sure messing with the organization of my thoughts, I should stop typing. I’ll close with this: writing these books has been one of the most interesting and fulfilling experiences of my existence. Everyone should have moments like this. Everyone. Even you, Deborah.

Oh, and all three books of The Persimmon Series are only 99 cents thru 6/22. That’s probably important to mention. See? No good at marketing. Below are some gems from each book. I really like writing. Did I say that already? Click here for links to all the places you can purchase them. Happy Summer Solstice!

99cents All 3 Promo


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