Drop it Like its Hot!

TWKB Cover&Descrip

Good morning, good people! Today is the day I release my first fantasy romance novel under the C.A. Worley moniker. As I rock myself slowly in the corner (kidding–I’m in the kitchen), I’m experiencing the roller coaster that is authorship. Or so I’ve read. Like the bipolar bear of the Arctic, I’m drifting between the icebergs of “oh, I’m so proud I tried this” and “WTF was I thinking?” I’ve only come up with one real truth–it’s never too early to drink.

Compared to my alter ego, Cass Alexander, this has already been a more successful release. I had more pre-orders (thanks, Aunties, for the pity-buys) than I’ve ever had. It makes me feel more pressured to produce a quality product. I am comfortable with the quality of my humor. Yes, it’s not appropriate for children, but I know I get the laughs. I hear them when people laugh at me. This Fate of Imperium Series business is a whole new ball game. The closest I came to a joke was using the word ‘assholery’ in some internal dialogue. Am I’m not even sure it’s a word. Or a joke.

Any-hoo, today is Day 1 of this book’s official sales life. Fingers crossed it goes well and picks up momentum. I’d like a reason to keep the series going aside from my inability to let things go (sorry, Mom). Book 2 is coming along nicely. That’s writer-speak for it’s sucking my will to live. But the rough draft is almost finished and then I can take a break. From the bourbon.

For links to the various places where you can purchase this masterpiece (hahaha!), click here. Cheers to an awesome launch!

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