Thank You, Mr. Vampire

C.A. Worley

Screenshot of Sales 12.21

Holy dynamite, Deborah! I finally figured out how to increase my book sales! Okay, okay, I didn’t actually “figure it out.” Though, I am seeing a very nice trend and I wanted to share it with my fellow authors and readers. In the spirit of full transparency, I don’t know what I’m doing majority of the time … with book marketing, parenting, cooking, you get the general idea. I’m more of a screw-it-let’s-see-what-happens sort of gal. After 2 years of self-publishing, I’m seeing some nice happenings.

Let’s rewind a bit. Up until September of 2018, everything I’ve written has been under my pen name, Cass Alexander. Those books are all humor-based romance (and a few erotic romances, as well). I released my first novel in the fall of 2016. No social media presence. No announcement of the release. I simply had it proof-read by a colleague and threw it out…

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