We’re Not Write

Cover and Description

Cass Alexander and C.C. Edwards have created a compilation of texts and phone calls they’ve made over the past few years. They were inspired to share their humor with the world because, according to cable TV news, everything on Earth is going wrong and we’re all going to die (kidding … sort of).

This book is for anyone who uses humor as a coping mechanism. Full disclosure: it’s all kinds of inappropriate. If you’re not inappropriate, don’t read it. We don’t mean, like, creepy uncle inappropriate. We mean, like, you take zero issue with f-bombs, insults, and making fun of death.

We enjoyed putting together this book, though, we had to delete a ton of content. Our parents were already upset over it, no sense in going for broke and getting cut out of the will completely. At least Mom was helpful with the title. She constantly tells us, “Y’all are not right.” We even included a quote from Dad, “You two, get a away from me.”

Our goal is to make readers laugh; hopefully, not AT us, but WITH us. Take a chance and watch the madness unfold.

Note: If you can’t hand the description, stay the hell away from this book, Deborah.

We think of it as a sort of toilet book, one you keep in the bathroom to entertain guests. It’s best in paperback, but that’s just our opinion. You can find it on:

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