November Newsletter & Giveaway!

Greetings from Midwest America! It’s been a long time since I’ve reached out to my subscribers via Newsletter. If you’re scratching your head and thinking, “Who is this Cass lady?” it’s likely because I haven’t sent anything out in ages. Firstly, let me thank you for subscribing by entering one of my giveaways in either 2017 or 2018. I don’t like to inundate readers, so my correspondence is sparse. You’ll only hear from me when I have news.
Second, I have news! Big news! I have a giveaway going on right now. I’ve released two books under another name (C.A. Worley) in the fantasy/paranormal romance sub-genre. Book 2, The Vampire King’s Mate (see image below), released 11/26/18 and is on sale all week for only $0.99. To celebrate the release, I’m giving away a $25 Amazon Giftcard. Interested? Click here to enter. For more info on the books, visit my blog. They’re my best-selling books to date, which is crazy because they’re not full of my usual outlandish and inappropriate humor. I guess readers love werewolves and vampires (I do, too!).
TVKM Cover and Description.png
Also, I’ve teamed up with the good people at RomanceBooks.Blog to give a little teaser of one of my erotic romance novellas. There’s a number of awesome books available to preview, with heat levels ranging from Sweet to O-O-OMG!. Mine’s the latter. It’s the first book in my Shadow, Inc Series (see image below) and these novellas are the naughtiest things I’ve ever written. Interested? Visit the RomanceBooks.Blog site here to preview November’s picks.
3D Cover with Description.jpg
Lastly, I hope you’re having a fabulous fall. Happy Reading!

Two-fer Tuesday

FoI_Books 1 and 2

Holy pajamas, Universe. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted on this blog and even longer since I’ve released a book. Well, that’s not entirely true. Cass hasn’t released anything since spring. Other Cass, (C.A. Worley), released a fantasy/paranormal romance novel in September and has another one coming out this month. What’s that? You don’t know about Other Cass? Well, let me bore you with the details … I mean, tell you all about it. Her. Whatever. In an exciting manner. So I hope you’re seated. You know, in case you get overly excited and pass out. Lookin’ at you, Deborah.

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Paranormal Romance Parade


Happy October, Universe! It’s one of my favorite months of the year. It’s when we say goodbye to 90 degree days and hello to jeans and light jackets. Oh, and hello to Halloween. In honor of this  month of paranormal activity, I’ve added one of my Shadow, Inc. novellas to the Paranormal Romance Parade on Instafreebie.

More than 38 sexy and spicy paranormal reads are up for grabs–for free. For authors, Instafreebie is a great way to get your book in readers’ hands. My newest novel, under the C.A. Worley name, has had close to 500 downloads via Instafreebie. It’s helped me get Goodreads reviews. For readers, Instafreebie is a great way to discover new authors at no risk because the books are free. Interested? Check out our parade here.

Drop it Like its Hot!

TWKB Cover&Descrip

Good morning, good people! Today is the day I release my first fantasy romance novel under the C.A. Worley moniker. As I rock myself slowly in the corner (kidding–I’m in the kitchen), I’m experiencing the roller coaster that is authorship. Or so I’ve read. Like the bipolar bear of the Arctic, I’m drifting between the icebergs of “oh, I’m so proud I tried this” and “WTF was I thinking?” I’ve only come up with one real truth–it’s never too early to drink.

Compared to my alter ego, Cass Alexander, this has already been a more successful release. I had more pre-orders (thanks, Aunties, for the pity-buys) than I’ve ever had. It makes me feel more pressured to produce a quality product. I am comfortable with the quality of my humor. Yes, it’s not appropriate for children, but I know I get the laughs. I hear them when people laugh at me. This Fate of Imperium Series business is a whole new ball game. The closest I came to a joke was using the word ‘assholery’ in some internal dialogue. Am I’m not even sure it’s a word. Or a joke.

Any-hoo, today is Day 1 of this book’s official sales life. Fingers crossed it goes well and picks up momentum. I’d like a reason to keep the series going aside from my inability to let things go (sorry, Mom). Book 2 is coming along nicely. That’s writer-speak for it’s sucking my will to live. But the rough draft is almost finished and then I can take a break. From the bourbon.

For links to the various places where you can purchase this masterpiece (hahaha!), click here. Cheers to an awesome launch!

Instafreebie Group Giveaway

C.A. Worley

Sept Instafreebie PNR

With the coming release of The Wolf King’s Bride, I’m trying to drum up some attention. I’ve never used Instafreebie before, but I decided it would be worth giving the novel away to get it in readers’ hands. The Giveaway I’ve joined has 70+ romance books in the sub genres of urban fantasy, paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary.

It’s a lot of books for the low price of FREE, y’all! Check them out here. If you do claim any of the books, please be a doll and leave a review for the author, preferably Amazon or Goodreads.

Happy Reading!

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New Tricks

TWKB Cover&Descrip

Maintaining multiple author profiles is exhausting, y’all. But I’m thinking it’s necessary. Probably. I took a chance and wrote something different from my other novels (meaning, sans inappropriate humor). It’s total fantasy romance and outside my comfort zone, but I did it and it feels amazing that I did it. It’s also terrifying.

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Alter Ego-ish

Twitter Banner CA Worley

Hey, Beautiful People. I’ve missed you. I’m not good at consistency, especially for blog posts. Shut up, Deborah. I know I say that every time I post. I’m tryin’, alright? Any-hoo, I’ve been working on three different books. One is close to being finished, but it’s different. It’s total fantasy and limited humor. It’s led me to come to a major decision: I need to publish it under a different name.
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Momma’s Back in Business. Sort of.

As all two of my followers have noticed (okay, I have way more than two, but let’s be realistic on how many actually read the shit I put out into the universe), I’ve been on hiatus. I wrote four novellas pretty darn fast in the spring and then life got in the way. But I’m back to writing and it’s been slow as all get out.

Question: what is “all get out,” anyway?

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Tired AF

Y’all. Momma tired. Momma real tired. No, not because I’ve been writing lately–I’ve been taking a long-ass break from that. I needed a long-ass break from that. I’m tired from life in general. From laundry. From dishes. From 8,000 sports/activities with my kids. Oh, and I’m tired because I thought I could handle a trip to Vegas with my college girlfriends. Alas, I could not. Couldn’t even make it through the Migos/Cardi B concert, which is sad. Know what’s even sadder? I had to Google Migos. Never heard of ’em. And I usually pride myself on knowing shit. It’s a terrible moment when you wake up and realize you don’t know shit.

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Oh, Her? She Cray.

Big Guy 2

What’s that? You wanna read a super-naughty novella for free? Alrighty. Click here and you can have Quin invade your dreams tonight. He’s a large immortal with trust issues and a big … attraction to the redheaded succubus he meets at a sex club.

What’s so crazy about that, you ask? Oh nothing, just that I am also releasing Eriq tomorrow. He’s Quin’s hot-as-sin brother. That’s not so crazy? Okay, well I also just uploaded Luqa to Smashwords (click here). The first three books of Shadow, Inc. are Amazon-exclusive. Luqa? Well, he’s a rebel and wanted to get some iTunes, Kobo, and Nook action. He’s greedy like that, in all the best ways. You’re welcome.

It will take a few days to get the Smashwords affiliate links (see above), but as soon as I have them, I’ll post them. I have a lot going on, but I believe I can handle it. That’s because I’m crazy.

Quin is free on Amazon 3/8 – 3/11. Click the more option to read the synopsis.

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